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Our heart for the church & families

We have tried to answer any questions you may have about us in this page. 



  We believe that mankind is loved, and created by God in His image. Being His creation, all of humanity is worthy of Love. This means that God held nothing back in loving us and we should hold nothing back in loving others. 

  We will set our minds, our hearts, and our actions to honor God first. Our mission is to see the lost come to know Christ; men and women of all ages (and couples) to walk out in the fullness of God's calling; To encourage those who feel unlovable and those who are mourning to understand the Joy of walking in God's will for their life; To see the body of Christ join together to reach the world with Love. 


Statement of Faith  
  • We believe in the foundations of salvation for all that ask. That by faith through grace everyone who calls on Jesus will be    saved. (Eph. 2:8 & Acts 16:31)

  • We believe that all Christ followers are called to "Go and make disciples" (Matt. 28:19) with the talents or gifts they've been given as in Romans 12:3-12.  

  • We believe in the full gospel of Jesus Christ as depicted in the New Testament body of believers that believed in regularly meeting together to encourage one another. 

  • We stand with the complete statement of faith made by our covering and local church statement of faith linked here. 

Our priority

Our Sr. Pastor Bill Strayer says all the time, "Keep the main thing the main thing."

The main thing in our lives is always Jesus! 

In order to serve the church however, we realize that there is a divine order to ministry: 

  • So we first do all things in and through Christ Jesus.

  • Secondly, we (Asa and Shelley) put our marriage first as the main "ministry" God has called us to.

  • As bereaved parents, we also have lived the heartbreaking truth that children are in fact a gift from God even if He allows our hearts to break when we can not keep them here on earth. Our testimony and our witness is that even in heartbreak, God calls parents to a deeper understanding of the kingdom through our children. We currently have 6 hard-working, talented, and gifted children that we have the privilege of parenting. 

  • Our family unit has traveled together for ministry opportunities for the last 10 years. We wouldn't trade any minute because we know that the long nights of prayer, worship, intercession, and praise events have helped created amazing kids and adults that the Holy Spirit has equipped us to parent. 

  • Finally, we know first-hand the importance of serving. As commissioned ministers through The Network of Ministries, Intl, we firmly believe in the organization of order. We have remained faithful to serve in the body of believers (before our marriage) and we know the great commission to "go and make disciples" applies directly to our lives. We are grateful to have served alongside mighty men and women of God throughout our walk with God.

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