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Asa has a heart for seeing chains broken in the body of Christ, being able to relate to sensitive subjects like infidelity, marriage, divorce recovery, sexual bondage, and walking in pure intimacy with the Lord to see freedom from the past.

 ~ His testimony encourages, and releases the Holy Spirit to change lives. He has a heart for

restoring the family mindset back into the body of Christ. Having been stuck in shame, guilt, and

condemnation, Asa understands why so many men (and women) are afraid to step out in faith and

walk were God is calling them.


~ As a regional manager Asa has been responsible for speaking to large and small audiences for

many years and is capable of engaging a diverse audience with confidence and light humor. In the

body of Christ, he has been a mentor, a speaker, and typically senses what the Lord is doing in an

audience and is able to give specific exhortation. 


Shelley is a natural teacher that desires to bring the word to life with anecdotal stories from her life as a believer, a mother, wife, intimacy struggles as a woman, survivor of abuse, and finding restoration in the power of Christ.


~She truly saw the supernatural before she came to Christ and God marked her life early on with a heart for prayer. Shelley's testimony wasn't what she thought a testimony was supposed to look like as it includes: childhood trauma, sexual assault & abuse, surviving a personal attack, a failed marriage, losing a child - then children, learning how to home school her own kids, and even facing homelessness as a mother. However, she has seen God's faithfulness even in her despair. She often encourages others in forgiveness, hope, restoration, inner healing, learning how to be a true helpmate in marriage, and finding your voice to your family. 

~ Shelley has spoken at several women's retreats and events for young people seeing the power of God move in many lives. As a writer she has been able to share hope with women in many different stages of life who just need to remember that God came to give us Hope, and a Future. Since she has worked part-time to also home school her 4 kids at home, she also now understands how to navigate the very real place many women find themselves in feeling "mom guilt" 24/7. She desires to uplift and strengthen the body of Christ.

  • Freedom Groups & Mentoring 

A Freedom Group is a specially facilitated group for a stated purpose in advance.  We cycle through groups with topics based on curriculum and the needs of those around us.  These groups have been very successful for people to open up, expose the wounds, become transparent and find healing from cycles of pain.  

* Betrayal & Beyond - A journey of Healing for women

* Freedom from Sexual Insecurity/Addictions - For women

* Freedom from Sexual Addictions - For men 

* Identity & Intimacy - For women 

Mentoring - We employ the principle of discipleship into a practical short term relationship (sometimes this is couple - to - couple) that focuses on helping others learn to live accountable, vulnerable, and honesty so their story can transform other lives for the glory of God. 

  • Encouragement for the Body of Christ

Asa and Shelley are available to work with your church, regardless of size. If you have a small group event or special series you would like to have one or both of us speak to please contact us. As a couple we have a huge burden for couple's ministry and want to help any way we can to engage your congregation in healthy marriage conversations or training.  

EVENTS - Interactive Couples 1-Day Workshops which are designed to get couples having fun together and learning some skills to improve their futures. 

"Their love for each other, their family, their friends, but most importantly their God is something that is evident and obvious in all that they do and to anyone who meets them.  They are moved by God’s love and compassion and have a desire to see ALL come into His saving grace and

to know God’s love." 

—  Michael Tyrrell - author, professional musician,

traveling minister, composer, producer and friend

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