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Reach more - together

Moses, Nehemiah, Paul, King David, Hezekiah and Elijah asked people to partner with God's vision in order to participate in blessing God & being rewarded in heaven for sowing into His kingdom. We too need financial partners for the building & the harvest. 

 A single FREEDOM group can see 6-8 men or women set radically free from a lifestyle of struggling with sexual sins. One group takes between 6-12 weeks, and on average costs this ministry is $650. 

  • We've seen DOZENS touched by these groups.

  • Many women have been able to see God close up abusive deep wounds.

  • Men have been able to walk away from a lifestyle of infidelity, or pornography use.


We use real life application, biblical tools, intensive prayer and specific curriculum for different struggles. We have the ability with your help to reach young adults, fathers, mothers, and point marriages to the healing works of God. 

Will you partner with us to reach more? 

Praying Hands
Outdoors Meeting
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 monthly goalS 


Join the team

To support the local body of Christ we spend time ministering to those who need us while also working in the marketplace. This monthly support allows us to spend more time in ministry and less in the marketplace.

That includes helping - marriages struggling that need mentoring, adoptive/foster parents support, support group costs, and also helps support our programs to develop better leaders for the community.  We have seen God really show up for our partners and we believe that for you too, God keeps his promises to reward those that sow financial seeds. 

Monthly sponsors are vital to the ministry budget but also to help us grow to include more community outreach - to GO with HOPE by being hands & feet with a message! 

- Partner with any amount on a monthly basis -

 mISSIONS goals 

  • Local foster parent outreach

  • Regional "kindness" outreach

  • Sponsor Small Group locations

  • We are able to reach many active foster parents due to our circle of influence/friendships. We do our best to stay in contact with. Although there are a number of agencies that assist these families, sometimes an extra warm meal, phone calls of encouragement, or something they reach out to get some help with can make a huge difference in their ability to keep opening their hearts and homes.
    Sometimes, this also means helping with needs for a local visitation center. 

  • KINDNESS OUTREACHES:  The simple "since covid" way has been to paint rocks with uplifting encouragement on them and put them around the area to spread LOVE & KINDNESS. 

  • KINDNESS:  We prepare to give out granola bars, a snack and/or cold water for locals waiting at the bus, or thirsty on the streets. We have compassion for the hurting, giving freely is our heart, but we need help to do that. This is a simple way we show our community on warm/hot FL days that rescue /relief is coming. 

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