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Our Family Bios


With decades of experience as a career accomplished investigator and analyst inside the Loss Prevention Industry, Asa, is a gifted manager, speaker, certified forensic interviewer (CFI), and seeker of truth. Loss Prevention may not seem like an industry that fits well with the church but as Asa discovered years ago the Holy Spirit actually desires to see the bridegroom protect itself against the thief that seeks to devour the church. (John 10:10)

As a servant of Jesus, called as an Evangelist, and coming from generations of ministers and missionaries, Asa is often gifted by the Holy Spirit in the prophetic and healing ministries of the Lord. (1 Cor.12:1-11) 

His personal testimony is a powerful reminder that what the enemy meant for harm, God will turn into a Victory for the Kingdom. In 2003, Asa found real freedom in Jesus' principles and recovery from a lifetime of living a double-life in oppressive darkness. As he walked out his recovery, he learned everything he could about how to help other men escape the real thief that was stealing their intimacy with Jesus and destroying the church and millions of families. He feels called to protect and prevent any further casualties. 


Shelley started in the corporate world of administration and management which many say she is truly gifted in. She was called by God at an early age but coming from an extremely broken life she has experienced the heartbreak millions of women know as the "never feeling worthy enough or clean enough" to fully walk in her calling.  This of course was a lie from the very pit of hell, because God's grace and Love casts out all fears (1 John 4:18).

She began working as a non-profit ministry coordinator in 2005 and spent many years since then as a program director, overseeing large & small conferences that shaped thousands of families. As well as managing large events with volunteer-based work forces, Shelley created an ability to simplify complicated projects and recognizes how valuable volunteers are to non-profit organizations. 


Shelley is an accomplished administrative coach, strategic planner, project-manager, and currently home-schools 4 of their children while spending time each week to encourage other moms. The Holy Spirit gives her messages of wisdom, revelation and as God allows, there is often deep emotional healing in ministry. (1 Cor 12:1-10) Shelley's testimony of God meeting her in her deepest pain to bring her moments of joy and eventually a life lived in that joy - has led her to really bring all of herself to worship. She has written for several websites, and when the Lord allows time she will finish her books that should bring hope in desperate times and humorous devotionals to frustrated parents. 

We are blessed parents to have 6 living children. Our oldest daughter is married and pursuing her lifelong goals and career. We could not be prouder of her for daring to chase her dreams and for already excelling in those areas of service. Our oldest son is a thriving adult and we are genuinely proud of how hard he has worked. We know he will not give up and we will keep cheering for him all the way. Our middle son is chasing passions while learning how to navigate adulthood responsibly. 

Then, we have the younger 3 that are not all so young any more!  They are far from perfect but in true honesty they have all taught us something unique each week about loving like Jesus.


Some times they are loving us (the parents) more like Jesus and most days they show us how difficult it must be to be in heaven and hear adults whine instead of pray with confidence. Regardless, they are our ministries... as we've grown with God we've grown as parents and we constantly pray that they find grace for us as they age.


We are blessed beyond measure that they all desire to serve others in volunteering, or their vocations, or civil service jobs. We are always looking for ways to protect our family, and walk out in Grace for the day. 


"Their love for each other, their family, their friends, but most importantly their God is something that is evident and obvious in all that they do and to anyone who meets them.  They are moved by God’s love and compassion and have a desire to see ALL come into His saving grace and

to know God’s love." 

—  Michael Tyrrell - (1960-2022)  author, Grammy-award winning producer, musician,

traveling minister, composer, and dearly missed friend

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